Your Outsourced CIO

Customized Investment Solutions for Institutions and Non-Profits

Madison’s offers a holistic approach to investment solutions, outsourced CIO services and fiduciary management for institutional investors including non-profits and corporations. 

Your organization’s mission, governance structure and unique financial situation drives our recommendation for a custom solution to help achieve your organization’s goals. Our spectrum of service and support includes: board and committee communication, education, fund raising ideas, formulation of investment and spending policies, asset allocation studies and fiduciary education.

Our Process

Your investment solution begins with our proprietary, online needs-based assessment, a consensus-building approach that formalizes your team’s expectations of Madison. This analysis explores the specifics of your group’s risk tolerances, return needs, spending obligations, growth goals and educational needs. 

Once we finalize your expectations of our team, we delve further into the investment strategy of your solution through a comprehensive asset allocation study. The results of this study provide the foundation for a long-term strategic investment plan, which also includes investment education, investment policy review and development of an appropriate spending policy.


Needs Assessment Survey - Sample

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Madison has created a proprietary survey to help determine each committee member’s views on key issues including: asset allocation, expected return, risk tolerance and spending policy.

Spend Policy Review - Sample

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The spending rate methodology and its implementation are critical components of both the asset allocation decision as well providing stable cash flows to your organization during periods of market stress and shifting market return expectations.