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Large Cap

Madison’s Large Cap strategy seeks to provide superior long-term returns while assuming lower-than-average risk. To achieve this goal, we employ a disciplined valuation process and intensive fundamental research. Our high-conviction portfolios consist of investments in well managed, high-quality companies that exhibit sustainable competitive advantages, prudent financial leverage and durable growth characteristics. 

High Conviction Portfolio Management

We assign a confidence ranking to each stock to assist us with position sizing and in making trim and sell decisions. Our portfolio construction process contemplates the confidence ranking, the valuation potential of the stock, and a thorough analysis of risk factors. Our process allows portfolio managers to act decisively and with conviction. The execution of our strategy results in a concentrated, low-turnover portfolio whose high active share reflects our willingness to stand apart from market indices. 


Large Cap Equity

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Concentrated portfolio of 25-40 holdings in primarily large-cap companies. Seeks to deliver long-term outperformance with less volatility than the benchmark.

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