Our teams are united by their philosophy towards risk management and transparent holdings, with the autonomy to enact these principles in unique strategies.

Our Teams

Madison’s managed accounts are designed to protect capital and participate in market appreciation, goals facilitated through our risk- and quality-conscious active management. 

This approach has resulted in a spectrum of high-conviction, conservative portfolios characterized by low turnover, a focus on risk-adjusted returns and downside protection.

Our portfolio managers relentlessly search out reputable, reliable investment opportunities, rather than defaulting to index standards.

We place our clients’ capital in straightforward strategies constructed with conservative holdings.

The composition of each of our investment vehicles is unique, but the holdings within each strategy share common characteristics. 

Our equity portfolio managers back companies that have a wide competitive moat, attractive valuations and a management team in place whose goals are aligned with the best interests of their shareholders.

Our fixed income portfolios typically hold diversified positions of high-quality bonds, which allows us to actively manage interest rate and sector risk.