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Madison Scottsdale Wins Award

Madison Scottsdale, a specialized investment management division of Madison Investments®, has been honored with the captive insurance industry’s 2018 Investment Management Award for its record of risk-managed service to the U.S. insurance industry. 

The U.S. Captive Service Awards are awarded annually by the industry-trade publication, Captive Review, to recognize excellence in the delivery and management of captive insurance assets and celebrate innovation, commitment, and expertise in the captive insurance field. A pure captive insurance company is a privately held entity that insures the risks of its parent company by issuing policies, collecting premiums, and paying claims similar to a conventional insurer. Countless firms entered the only series of awards dedicated to the captive insurance industry, vying for recognition in categories designed to specifically identify excellence and professional distinction in various captive insurance-related disciplines.

 “It’s a great honor to be recognized for the twenty-five years of Madison Scottsdale’s dedication to providing the best possible asset management solutions for the insurance industry,” said Anjanette Fowler, Managing Director. “Not only does the industry have special needs and regulatory concerns, but each insurance company has its own unique risk profile and investment requirements. We feel that this award recognizes how well we’ve met those various needs.” 

About Madison Scottsdale: 

For twenty-five years Madison Scottsdale, the insurance asset management division of Madison Investments, has solely focused on insurance investment management. Madison Investments, headquartered in Madison, Wis. oversees some $16 billion in assets. Our Madison Scottsdale team is led by portfolio managers who each have the distinction of previous professional experience as asset managers within insurance organizations. These industry veterans work directly with client-partners to develop and refine customized investment strategies that address the unique needs of insurance companies. 

Madison Scottsdale complements traditional portfolio management with asset allocation support, investment policy development, Enterprise Risk Management metrics, performance reporting/attribution and ongoing education. Additionally, our clients work directly with their dedicated portfolio managers throughout their relationship with Madison Scottsdale.

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  • Madison Investments is the unifying tradename of Madison Asset Management, LLC and Madison Investment Advisors, LLC. The Madison Investments organization (“Madison”) is controlled by Madison Investment Holdings, Inc. Affiliates within the organization include, Madison Investment Advisors, LLC, Madison Asset Management, LLC and Hansberger Growth Investors, LP. 

    Total gross assets (as of 6/30/2018) of the entire Madison Investments organization (across all affiliates) including non-discretionary assets. 

    The Captive Review awards were independently determined and awarded by one of Captive’s Captive Owner Panels. Madison Scottsdale did not pay a fee in exchange for these awards. The Investment Management Award is open to asset managers and investment advisors and is presented to the firm that best exhibits unrivalled customer care and innovation.

  • “Madison” and/or “Madison Investments” is the unifying tradename of Madison Investment Holdings, Inc., Madison Asset Management, LLC, and Madison Investment Advisors, LLC, which also includes the Madison Scottsdale office.  Madison Funds are distributed by MFD Distributor, LLC.  Madison is registered as an investment adviser with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.  MFD Distributor, LLC is registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission as a broker-dealer, and is a member firm of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. 

    Madison Investments shares all personnel and resources at their Madison, Wisconsin location. Statistical data is for the consolidated Madison organization. The Madison organization consists of its holding company, Madison Investment Holdings, Inc. and its affiliates: Madison Asset Management, LLC; Madison Investment Advisors, LLC; and Hansberger Growth Investors, LP. Asset information presented includes non-discretionary assets. Refer to each entity’s Disclosure Brochure for more information.