Multi-Asset Solutions Commentaries

  • The Madison Mosaic - May 2019

    The Macro Pieces President Trump escalated trade war hostilities with China; put Mexico & India on notice Tariff rate on...

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  • The Madison Mosaic - April 2019

    The Macro Pieces S&P 500 Index gained another 4.1% in April; closes at a new all-time high on 4/30. Now...

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  • December 2018 Commentary

    2018 saw global equities succumb to widespread concerns over slowing economic growth. There were few places to hide, with virtually...

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  • November 2018 Commentary

    For most investors memories of the November market will be of the steady declines through much of the month, taking...

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  • October 2018 Commentary

    After almost nine years of steady stock market advances the market drop this October naturally came as something of a...

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  • September 2018 Commentary

    Against a backdrop of slowing global growth, the United States once again reasserted its long-term posture of achieving relative economic leadership...

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  • August 2018 Commentary

    Over the past thirty years August has been the worst month for stock investors, a major part of the “sell...

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  • July 2018 Commentary

    With the headlines full of dire news of tariffs and trade wars, and with the end-of-month one-day destruction of $12...

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  • June 2018 Commentary

    Against a backdrop of decelerating global growth, the United States economy, buoyed by recent fiscal stimulus, stood out by essentially...

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  • May 2018 Commentary

    Late May and early June are, among many other things, the seasons of commencement and commencement addresses. As we began...

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