Client Communications

  • Large-Cap Report 1Q19

    The stock market rebounded in the first quarter as the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) pivoted on its intent to raise...

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  • Fixed Income Report 1Q19

    The Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) shifted its forward monetary policy expectation from additional tightening to a more data dependent...

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  • Large-Cap Report 4Q18

    The stock market teetered in the fourth quarter as sentiment overshadowed economic fundamentals and drove mark indices sharply lower. During...

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  • Fixed Income Report 4Q18

    Treasury yields navigated a wide range during the quarter as the market’s view on Federal Reserve (Fed) monetary policy...

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  • Large-Cap Report 3Q18

    The stock market reached all-time highs during the third quarter as we marked the 10-year anniversary of the Lehman Brothers...

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  • Fixed Income Report 3Q18

    Treasury yields continued to move higher during the third quarter. The 2-year Treasury yield rose 29 basis points (bps)...

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  • Large-Cap Report 2Q18

    Volatility continued in the second quarter with both stocks and bonds experiencing large swings as investors reacted to shifting interest...

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  • Fixed Income Report 2Q18

    Treasury yields moved higher during the quarter but closed well below their mid-May highs as concerns over escalating trade...

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  • Large-Cap Report 1Q18

    After near perfection in 2017, the equity markets assumed a more typical behavior in the first quarter of 2018 as...

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  • Fixed Income Report 1Q18

    Investors began the first quarter with high expectations that tax reform’s fiscal stimulus would boost economic growth, largely offsetting...

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