Employee-owned with a reputation for conservative investing and a culture rooted in service.

Based in Wisconsin’s capital city since its founding in 1974, Madison has grown from a local firm into a manager entrusted with approximately $16 billion* in assets across a suite of mutual funds, managed accounts and customized portfolios.

The catalyst for Madison’s growth has been a conservative management style that looks beyond short-term trends, emphasizing the performance of investments over full market cycles. 

Our highly-credentialed portfolio managers, analysts and traders share a belief in high-conviction, risk-conscious investing, and have the autonomy to shape this approach within their own investment teams.

Expansive floor-to-ceiling windows, large, warm spaces and natural materials characterize Madison’s headquarters and echo company principles of transparency and timelessness. 

Madison’s leadership team works alongside employees and shares top-level decisions and ambitions throughout the firm.

This accessibility flows through to Madison’s client relationships. Our investment teams welcome the opportunity to share insights into their investment strategies and portfolio positions through quarterly investment strategy letters. 

Our goal is for clients and advisers alike to better understand the decisions that impact results. 

Regional representatives personalize these insights; educating advisers on how our investment decisions can affect their clients’ portfolios.

Madison’s mantra of Participate and Protect® embodies our investment philosophy.

Our client-oriented group values honesty and integrity, and rewards service and success with opportunities for ownership, promotion and continuing education. 

  • *All statistics are as of 6/30/18. Gross assets under management and firm statistics are for the consolidated Madison organization. The Madison organization consists of its holding company, Madison Investment Holdings, Inc., and its affiliates: Madison Asset Management, LLC; Madison Investment Advisors, LLC; and Hansberger Growth Investors, LP. Asset information presented includes non-discretionary assets. Strategies are implemented by one or more of these affiliates. Refer to each entity’s Disclosure Brochure for more information. 

  • "Participate and Protect®" is a registered trademark of Madison Investment Holdings, Inc., reflecting our general investment philosophy. We seek to invest our client assets to participate in market appreciation during bull markets and be protected during bear markets compared with assets invested in more speculative and volatile securities. However, there is no assurance that this expectation will be realized.